Pro4Care is strong and ideal partner for Private cosmetic labels production.

On the base of big experience in development and production of Personal care products, we will help you create your brand with the right fragrance, packaging, design and marketing and sales value. We pride ourselves on personal approach to customers and understanding of their needs.

We dispose with our own laboratory and experienced team therefore we invent tailor-made and high quality solutions according to last trends for reasonable costs. We realize orders from small batches to large volumes.

We want to be your partner in success to bring your product onto the cosmetic market.


Only high quality guarantees that you can easy launch your product and place it in the market. All products are certified according the latest European law for cosmetic products.


Our knowledge gets your product moving. The success of personal care depends on the designing of your packaging, needfull formulation and production under the highest quality.


We care about the future of our planet. We focus on formulations without parabens, allergens and preservatives that can have negative impact on human health.


23 Aug 16

Asthma-allergy products developed by Pro4Care

People are increasingly struggling with allergies to various stimuli, including cosmetic products. Therefore we have developed several products which donĀ“t contain any allergens. Besides that all the products are also without parabens, MIT/CMIT, dyes and pigments. Suitable also for eczema patients. In case you are interested in samples, ask our…