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Development and production of cleaning products

A world of cleaning supplies.
We can develop everything from universal cleaning, glass cleaning and to lime remover. We are with you on the entire journey, from the development of the formulation to the right choice of packaging.

If you want an environmentally friendly or gentle cleaning series or product, we can offer several recognized certifications. We help you find the right ingredients that can be approved for your desired certifications. In addition to consideration for the content, the right packaging is important for your new products.


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One product that the kitchen cannot do without is the dishwashing liquid. We are experts in developing formulations, and when it comes to dishwashing liquid, we are the right ones to help. We can develop and produce your new private label product.


An all-around cleaning product that can be used for daily cleaning of surfaces. We help develop your unique formulation and find the right fragrance for your private label cleaning product. If you want a neutral or certified series, we can also offer it.


At SixFive Beauty Group, we can work with you to develop your next private label cleaning items. A classic product to have in its cleaning series is a lime remover. We can develop lime removers both for baths and kitchens and with and without scent.


To effectively clean mirrors and glass areas, a glass cleaner is the best remedy. At SixFive Beauty Group, we have the right expertise to develop good and effective formulations that can both ensure that the surfaces are clean and without leaving streaks.


Do you need certified products?

We make special formulations that meet the certification criteria.
We have many years of experience within the requirements for the various certifications.

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