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Water-based disinfectants

Mediform is a series of groundbreaking disinfection products based on water. This disinfection series is a gentle choice as it does not contain ethanol (alcohol). The disinfectant products kill bacteria and viruses on an equal footing with products that contain alcohol, but without damaging the skin.

Mediforms disinfection series are both allergy certified, dermatologically tested and vegan.

The series includes:
– Hand disinfection
– Surface disinfection
– Hand & surface disinfection

You can sell the products in our brand name Mediform, or as a private label.

If you want to read more about your options for selling water-based disinfection products, you can find more information at www.mediform.dk.

Selected products


Do you need certified products?

We make special formulations that meet the certification criteria.
We have many years of experience within the requirements for the various certifications.

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