Tattoo care

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Professional care products

Tattoos require special products and the right care to preserve and maintain the tattoos and the surrounding skin. At SixFive, we therefore specialize in developing formulations that have been developed specifically to care for tattoos. We always work on creating products that have your wishes in focus.


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Cleanliness and cleansers are two important factors when you as a professional tattoo artist must tattoo your customers, to avoid bacteria. We can therefore develop several different types of cleansing products that can be used before, during and after the tattoo process.



Extra care and moisture helps to heal the skin and preserve the color of the tattoos. If you want to develop a nourishing cream or balm, we have the right know-how to develop the right formulas.


When the sun is shining, it’s extra important to take care of tattoos. A sunscreen that has been developed especially for tattoos, protects and cares for the skin, while the sunscreen preserves the color of the tattoo.


Do you need certified products?

We make special formulations that meet the certification criteria.
We have many years of experience within the requirements for the various certifications.

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