Tilføj din overskrift her

Certifications, the environment, green and other issues are important parts of the world we now inhabit.

To ensure that we are equipped for the future, we have of course taken on board all the various types of certifications which are relevant for what consumers are demanding.

Our customers currently develop their products in partnership with SixFive Beauty Group, of which we are very happy to be a part. Customers present us with their inquiries and demands, while we ensure that the various products/inquiries are realised, through our R&D department.

As a rule, all products can be given some kind of certification. We ensure that this is performed; so if you have an inquiry, please contact us and we will be pleased to guide you through this interesting process.

If you are looking for a serious sparring partner to manage issues related to certifications, while you concentrate on what your products should look and smell like, please contact SixFive Beauty Group. We will help you from start to finish, when take delivery of the products.