Tilføj din overskrift her

Organic and natural skincare has boomed in recent years. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and many have become more aware of what they apply to the skin. But navigating in terms and ingredients can be a bit of a jungle when you are developing your own beauty products. For when is a product organic, and are all natural ingredients a good choice in skincare? Let’s find out.

What are natural ingredients?

For an ingredient to be described as natural, its origin must come from nature. That means plants or other natural sources. A natural ingredient can also be organic if it is grown according to organic standards.

Natural ingredients are often used in skin care products because of their many benefits for the skin, such as vitamins and antioxidants. However, it is important to be aware that not all natural ingredients are good for the skin. Some natural ingredients can cause allergies and can not be certified due to the fragrance of the ingredient.

A good idea can be to decide which natural ingredients you wish to use and whether you want to add any certification to your skincare product.

What are organic ingredients?

An ingredient is organic if it is grown organically, but the ingredient must be produced according to the rules within organic production before it can be called organic.

There is no official, government-approved organic label on cosmetics, but in 2011 the Consumer Ombudsman issued a guide on when a product may be called organic. A skincare product must contain 95% ingredients or raw materials derived from vegetable or animal production to be claimed organic. The water added to the products does not count. It is allowed to write what percentage of an ingredient is organic if the product does not live up to 95%, but the product must not be called organic.

There is no Danish organic certification for cosmetics and skincare products. If you want an organic certification on your product, can you certify it with the Ecocert certification.

Ecocert is an acknowledged certification that is used internationally. The certification guide the consumer to choose organic or natural products. Ecocert has two different certifications, COSMOS ORGANIC and COSMOS NATURAL, which distinguish between different standards for the organic certifications.